E-mail Hoaxes Raises Again

Nowadays once you open up your e-mail you see a bunch of spam and hoaxes. The weird thing is you don’t know if it’s true. Once you open a mail, they write to you in such a way as if they are speaking to you face to face. They make conversation in such a way that you just believe them. Well let me tell you an incident that happened one year ago.

On June 18th 2010, e-mails and text messages were starting to scatter over the world about an acid rain that was going to take place from June 21st to June 30th. And it was also noted that if the rain touched you, you would get skin cancer from it. 99% of the people believed it. Some did not go to work, some stayed home all day not caring for food. It was a democracy, malls lost their business, companies got bank rubbed. Everyone went crazy.

2 weeks later, everyone realized that this was a pure hoax. Now they felt ashamed of what they have done. Reckoning their mistakes and realizing their waste of time. Still people all over the globe continue this dirty business. Recently people have acknowledged themselves and got used to these hoaxes. These things are corrupting people’s minds. Even children and teenagers sometimes prank people. And such has no idea of what kind of people might read these.

To avoid such misery, you should always read the newspaper instead of you mail for news. You should keep good contact with your neighbors and family. You must contribute to the society, this way you have less chance of getting tricked.

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Getting around the Web Tutorial

Well if you are going to use the internet you need to know a lot of things! Now you will be reading a number of questions and answers to that.

Getting Started:

Q1) How do I use an e-mail?

Ans: Simple! You need to to get an e-mail from a domain which gives out free e-mails. Yahoo! and MSN are some popular e-mail sites. e-mail Stands for electronic-mail, send and e-mail to someone, it flies through cyber-space and reaches the other person’s connection. Some good e-mail websites :-

  1. http://mail.yahoo.com
  2. http://www.hotmail.com

Q2) How do I create my own website?

Ans: You need to go to some specific websites which gives out web domain names and lets you create your own site. It always costs you not to have a http://www.mywebsite.something.com the “something” will always stay there for it’s free and “something” will always be replaced with the site you took it from. You can only remove it if you buy it from them. Some good websites to get free websites :-

  1. http://www.webs.com
  2. http://www.tripod.com

Q3) How do I create my own forum/community?

Ans: Same as above, you need to get to some webs which let you create a forum. Here are some popular webs for that :-

  1. http://www.phpbb.com
  2. http://www.forumotions.com
  3. http://www.maxforum.com
  4. http://www.4rumer.com

Q4) How do I create my own blog?

Ans: Same, just get to know some websites and start! You will need to hire some bloggers and authors to manage them for you and make the place more interesting, just like ours! Here are some sites :-

  1. http://www.wordpress.com
  2. http://www.sosblog.com
  3. http://www.blogger.com

Q5) How do I entertain myself?

Ans: The internet has a lot of things waiting for you! You just need to find out, musics, dance, videos and everything is here! Some entertaining webs :-

  1. http://www.beemp3.com
  2. http://www.youtube.com

To be continued . . . . . . . . . .




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Malaysia – One of the Wonders

About four years ago, I remember myself standing for two hours at the “Zia International Airport” for our boarding pass and our airline ticket. I was going to visit my sisters who live in Malaysia. My mother told me it was a three hour flight. So I tried my best not to get my hopes up going to early. We were boarded onto the plane with two kind cabin crews, including my mother. She’s a cabin crew for nearly 18 years now. We went on board, nearly waited forty minutes for the plane to take off! It was so boring. These low quality airlines don’t have any headphones for music! So then I waited and waited, finally the plane took of. My ears were like nearly exploding for the sudden pressure change in the air. So, I just chewed a chewing gum to pass the painful time. The redundant beeping in-front of us was a bit annoying. They repeatedly told us to fasten our seatbelt.

After we reached the airport, it was a billion times more luxurious than out airport, back in Bangladesh. We reached our hotel by bus. I went side-seeing a lot. So, the hotel was rated four star, and really luxurious and cozy.

The next evening, we took off to the Mahboob’s house, to visit my sisters. We had to go by train and I can’t stop telling you how luxurious the country was. Finally their house was by a peaceful neighborhood. Once we reached there, they greeted us; we hugged each other, we were happy to see each other.  It was night, so we had dinner. The dinner contained so much sugar, it was hard for me to eat. So we went to bed.

Next morning, I woke up, and went onto their small indoor garden, it was so fun, just walking and running there.

We watched TV, played Shyra appu’s Piano. It was fun, then we had to roam Malaysia a bit, well at least Kuala Lumpur. So, my khalu mistook and took both keys for both cars. So we had to wait till he came back so we could roam a bit.  (Currently all the side-shot pictures are on my father’s laptop, so sorry I could not add any)

We came back to the hotel, went to the Twin Tower. Now Shyra and Shyma (My sisters) barely get enough time due to their collage and school.

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Why do different coastal areas adopt different coastal management strategies?

Different coastal management plans are implemented in different areas as the strategy has to suit the economic, social and environmental needs that are specific to that area.  When a coastal area needs to implement a costal management plan the criteria that must be considered include the feasibility, cost, cost effectiveness, appropriateness, environmental impact and the risks of the plan.

A retreat the line strategy may be implemented in areas where the land behind the coast is not of high value. This is where the coastline is pushed further inland. An example of this strategy can be seen at Abbotts Hall Farm. The retreat the line strategy – implemented in 2002 – has allows five breaches to be made in the original embankments. This has lead to 80 hectares of arable land to be covered with sea water. The area has been allowed to revert to the salt marsh that was originally in the area before it was cultivated. The salt marshes help to protect the coastline whilst allowing the area to be created into a bird sanctuary.

An example of a do nothing strategy – where the coastal process are allowed to take place naturally and no action is carried out to defend the coastline except for apply safety measures – is illustrated at the coast of Cyprus. The implementation of the strategy has meant that coastal facilities have been abandoned when they have been affected by coastal erosion. People have either retreated further inland or the coastal areas have been completely abandoned and resettled elsewhere.  One of the reasons for employing this strategy is that coastal protection strategies were causing problems for areas further down the coast. The strategy is also has very little impact on the environment and the only pollution produced is from resettlement. One major drawback of this strategy is that the people living on the coast will lose their homes.

Another coastal management strategy is the hold the line strategy. This strategy involves maintain the coastline and defend it against coastal process. In Blackpool, the highly valued land behind the coastline has lead to this strategy to be implemented to manage the coast. Large recurved sea walls have been built at the coast to deflect the energy of the waver and thus protect the coast from erosion. The hold the line strategy is has helped to protect the valued business and residential areas behind the coast. This in turn has helped to protect Blackpool’s tourist industry as hotels and tourist facilities have been protected. Another advantage of the strategy is that wide scale flooding has been prevented in the low lying land behind the coast and in the Lancashire Coast as the strategy has stopped the coastline from being breached. The cost of maintenance is high due to storms that overtop the promenade and waves rubbing against the foundations of the walls cause damage. Plans have been made to construct new sea walls and increase the promenade by 5 hectares over the next 5 years.

The advance the line strategy –  where the coastal defenses are moved seaward – is utilised in the Ebro Delta in Spain. The main reason for employing this method was that the agricultural land behind the coast provided significant economic benefits for the region. Economic activities such as growing rice crops and salt mining would have been disrupted if this strategy was not implemented as it was predicted that half of the delta would be lost to the sea in the next 50 years. This may have caused farmers to lose their livelihoods and could have also damaged the local economy. By using the advance the line strategy, the land could be reclaimed as agricultural land which in turn may help to provide more jobs to people and thus help to improve the local economy.

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Inside Singapore’s Culture

Two years ago, I visited Singapore. As far as I remember, it was the most fascinating sight I’ve ever seen. After reaching out hotel, we were very tired and sleepy; it was 1:39 Am in the morning! So we just changed our clothes, took dinner and went straight to bed. Approximately at about 6:36 we woke up in the morning, we had to go and have breakfast. Our plan for today was to get introduced to the beautiful culture of the country. Before we knew it, we got really close to the people here in Singapore! It was too early to go to bed. I was very keen to go somewhere and have a great time with my mother. So we decided to go to the Singapore “National Bird Park”! And I must say, the taxi was the most luxurious car I’ve ever seen. Well, GPS tracking system, TV monitor and small sign that shows that it’s booked or not, what else!? The taxi driver, unlike my country could speak English. And I must say he was a jolly man! He wouldn’t even let us stay without our seatbelts on!

Once we reached the park, I was speechless to the beautiful sight. I was very excited to see more. Once we started our tour, we got a map of the place. The people there were very kind to us; they greeted us with a lot of care and love. First we visited the penguins’ room. The penguins were locked up in a glass room filled with sixteen to twenty air conditioners! It was a fascinating sight for even that we could see them swim underwater. Then we headed for the flamingo pool. All I saw at first was pink. Pink everywhere. I was astonished to see so many flamingos. We took a few pictures there. Then we headed over to the macaw birds. It’s amazing to see that they don’t move, it’s the calmest bird in the world. I forgot to mention my mother and I were roaming all this time with her colleague. Her colleague had a daughter of 8 years old. She wanted to see the “Bird’s Show” in the other side of the park. So we had to take a train and roam the whole place all at once! I was really upset that I didn’t get to see everything in the park. I sat upset in the train while I missed all the beauty and culture of the park. Well we did get the see the birds in the borders where the train was going through, but all the interesting parts with the amazing species of birds and the huge species of birds were found in the middle. Well, we headed over to the show, I hardly remember anything from that show, all I remember was that it started with a bird playing basket ball! Then the master of an eagle pointed the eagle at a man and the eagle flew to the man and took his money from his shirt pocket. I dropped my mouth open and clapped with amazement! And the eagle took the money and put it into its master’s pocket. Then the eagle returned the money again! I can’t literally remember the ending.

The next day, I woke up at 8:30 in the morning. We had plans to go to a underwater sea aquarium! Then we planned after that’s done, we were going to go to the beach and watch another drama, not on stage, in the beach! Then we headed off after 2 hours after breakfast which was about 11:00. It took half-an-hour to reach the aquarium and we went under the sea! Well we didn’t drown because we were under bullet proof glass. We were surrounded by fish! The shark was pretty astonishing and scary to look at. The angel fish was hilarious! After this we had lunch, guess what I had for lunch. Squid! That was the first time I ever had squid. Then we headed down to the beach, enjoyed the tide for an hour. Then we went to the show. The show started with a few kids talking to imaginary creatures similar to fairy tales. They projected light into shot up water in such a way; it actually seemed that the creature was floating! The smoke effect was pretty cool. Then the spectacular part; water that shot out of small pipes hidden in the ground was exactly like magma! I really got scared for the first time, but then the next I laughed with astonishment.

This was the most enjoyable part of my life till now. I live in such a country where nothing can get more exciting than watching television.

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IRC Tutorial – By ryan

For those of you newbies, I want to teach you using IRC. First of all, you need an IRC chat. mIRC is a popular IRC chat. Or for our IRC Channel, you can just use the webchat( no installation required) for shortcut: http://www.solidirc.com/webchat.html and type in the “channel” block “#diBlog” and type in any username you want, does not have to be registered.

 The Command Tutorial:

You can get someone’s attention by highlighting them. To do this, simply type their name and write a message after it. This will give them a beep and sometimes it will make their window flash 😮

You can use autocomplete to help type people’s nicks faster. Just type the first letter of their nick, then press tab until it selects the right one. Depending on your client, this also works with channel names.

You can join up to 10 channels at once on this IRC network! Just type,
/join #ChannelName
and /part #ChannelName [reason] for when you want to leave the channel.
Some clients even let you click on channel names which people type to join a channel.

You can also invite others to join channels,
/invite user #channel
Some clients allow you to automatically accept invites and join the channels.

For typing messages in the third person you can use,
/me [message]

You can change your nick by typing
/nick [new nick]

You can have a private conversation with someone by typing,
/query [nick]
This opens up a separate tab where you can talk with them privately.

/chanserv drop #channel

Deletes a channel

Nickserv commands
Before you can get started with chanserv you need to register your nick. So type in
/nickserv REGISTER password email

To use it later you need to identify with chanserv, which is like logging in. Type,
/nickserv identify [password]
If you get a good IRC client, you can set it to do this automatically. Once you have identified you can be automatically opped upon entry if your on the auto-op list for the channel.

If you want to use several nicks, you can group them together. First change your nick to the one you wish to add to your group and use,
/nickserv GROUP [target(your main nick)] [password]
This is means you can enter a room with any nick in your group and you can still get auto op, if you’re on the auto op list.

If you have pinged and your name is still on the list, or even if someone has stolen your nick you can use
/nickserv ghost [your nick] [password]
And that will disconnect them and you can use your nick again.

Chanserv Commands
Once you have identified with nickserv you can start using chanserv. You need op to register a channel.
/chanserv REGISTER [#channel] [password] [description]
Once the channel has been registered you’ll need owner to make changes to it.

To maintain the auto op list, use the following command.
/chanserv aop #channel add [name]
You can replace the aop with vop for auto voice, hop for auto half-op, and sop for auto admin. Remember, you need to identify with nickserv before this works.
If you want to take someone off the list. In that command, just replace the word ‘add’ with ‘del’ to delete them. Also list if you want to check who’s on it.
The only person who will get auto owner, is the channel founder. If anyone else wants to get auto owner, they’ll need to identify with the channel using the command,
/chanserv identify #channel password
If your client lets you have start up commands, put that command in there and it will do it automatically.

There are many more commands for chanserv, to find out how to use them, type
/chanserv help
That will guide you through it.

Operator Commands
Operators help keep the channel in order, they can set channel modes, kick and even ban users. There are many /mode commands, for example
/mode #channel +m
will mute the channel, everyone without voice or higher will not be able to speak.

To change the topic you have
/topic [text]

To op someone else, most clients have their own op command. Generally it’s
/op [nick]
Or if that doesn’t work you can always use
/mode #channel +o [nick]

The Rank Tutorial: (some from the original web)

Help Operator
The Help Operator was introduced when we needed a person who is able to set vHosts for the users, but have no other privileges at the Network level. You can imagine a Help Operator as a person sitting at a help-desk and taking your problem and forward it to the support Team.

Global IRC Operator
The Global IRC Operator is the well known “IRC Op” or like some people say “IRC COP”. The global in this title means that his privileges working on every server. We decided not to use the Local IRC Operator but give every staff member at operator level the same privileges on every server. The IRC Operator can use the server commands which are needed to run the network. He can remove users from the network or ban them for a period of time.

Server Administrator
The Server Administrator can use advanced server commands. For example he is able to shutdown or restart the ircd software. Server Administrators often get these privileges when they join the network with an own server, because they have to be able to manage it.

Services Administrator
The Services Administrator is having full control of the server and the services. For example, a Services Administrator is able to change Channel Settings if a user is having problems with his channel without any channel privileges.

Network Administrator
The Network Administrators can use some special functions which have to be limited to a small number of people because they can harm the whole network.

Root Administrator
Root Administrator is not a title; it’s a configuration Setting. The Root Administrator is the only one who cannot be removed from access by any other person. It’s a bit like the Channel founder.

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China – A country suffocating with Pollution

China is one of the most densely populated countries of the world. It is almost excruciating to see how much China is suffering. China is a large country, large countries come with large factories and large factories come with large amount of pollution. About 12,000 chimneys can be seen releasing smoke everyday. At the end of the day, approximately 160 billion cigarettes have been smoked. China’s traffic increased a lot in the past decade. When children in school are told to draw scenery, they rarely use the color blue. At night, absolutely no stars in the night sky can be seen. China deploys four to five nuclear bomb a.k.a. hydrogen bomb tests every year. All these carbon dioxide and methane, is heating up the earth by 12.7% every year. Methane is ten times deadlier than carbon dioxide, which means it heats up china ten times more then carbon dioxide. Tons and tons of smoke is produced everyday. The suffering people don’t realize that they are harming themselves. They continue on what they are doing. 11% of China’s people suffer from lung cancer every year. So they live and so they die. Having no idea on what is causing them to. We should stop polluting. Considering the fact that pollution of factories cannot be stopped due to the fact that the production of our daily needs will come to an end. So while polluting we should counter pollute. Many schools and institution are preserving parks and farms to plant trees. The US has approximately 3,500 institutions and parks preserved for trees to be grown. Similar to the US for everyone in their countries, should counter pollute while polluting. If you shop down a tree, it is very important to plant two trees. Your life is on the line. Please preserve trees.



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